Welcome to my website, here you will be able to see examples of my work and get a little insight into this weird and wonderful hobby of penturning. Since I was able to write I have always had a fascination of writing instruments, the colours of ink, pen shapes and styles, sizes, body colours and materials etc… In fact every aspect of these fascinating writing tools has intrigued me, even the way the ink flows from the nib and lays itself down onto the paper has captivated me.


   My wish is to be able to spend more time at my lathe but as I have got a serious back pain problem that rules every minute of my life, I do get very frustrated with being unable to progress my love of penturning, however, I simply cannot spend longer than a half hour to an hour at a time in my workshop due to the pain and resulting loss of concentration. Sometimes I am not in my workshop for months depending on my motivation, energy levels and outlook on life! Anyway......


   I make different pen styles such as ballpoint, roller ball or the much loved king of writing instruments the classic fountain pen, also a few mechanical pencils for all you budding architects and artists out there.  Once I decide on  what style of writing instrument I am going to make I have a very difficult choice of choosing the material for the main body of the pen. I love to make them from exotic timbers brought in from around the globe, mainly using the burr (burl) where you find all the awesome tight grain patterns.




   Alternatively there are the wild vivid colours of acrylic if you want the pen to stand out and be a real head turner to the more conservative acrylic colours such as dark blues, blacks, burgundy etc… far too many to list.


  After the rutting season in Scotland there is a lot of antler that has been naturally shed by the deer, laying about in the hills and moors. I always have some in stock to turn pen or pencil barrels from, they make great gifts especially when the bottom half of the pen is made from a .308 bullet casing and the antler as the top half, hunters love them. Asian water buffalo is yet another natural material that pens are often made from by myself, again I always have plenty in stock but it really stinks out my workshop when it is turned down on my lathe, even Rosie and Poppy (my dogs) get up and leave the workshop as it is so bad!








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